Nevaeh Insurance Solutions is an external facility performing functions on behalf of insurance carriers, such as underwriting, product development, business acquisition, and program management.

Innovation is paramount to business success; Nevaeh provides an outlet for insurance carrier partners to explore new ways of doing business without disrupting existing operations.

It is difficult for many companies to go from concept to execution. Nevaeh allows an organization to test and learn before making a commitment and investment in new ideas.

Many insurance companies like to talk about their innovation strategies but fall short for many reasons.

Tom DeNoma, CEO/President
"Let Nevaeh help you measure twice and cut once to attain business success without the typical risk associated with execution."

Our collaboration with Markel

Nevaeh is working with a member company of Markel Insurance Company, an “A” rated insurance carrier*, to provide insurance solutions **. Markel’s strong track record in specialty program business, coupled with Nevaeh’s experience in the employer accident and health space, provide a unique offering through our program managers.

Our Offerings

Our Employer Group Products

  • Stop loss
  • Supplemental Medical
  • Carve out pharmacy
  • TBD "All innovative ideas considered"

Program Characteristics

  • Short-tail risk
  • Historical track record of profitability
  • Turnkey (e.g., administration, underwriting, sales)
  • Minimum of five years in the business
  • Revenue between $10m-$100m

Why Nevaeh?

Nevaeh’s experienced team brings efficiencies and nimbleness to our program managers. We create value by:
  • Providing an A-rated carrier/insurance paper
  • Bringing a healthy risk appetite
  • Delivering product and program expertise, including 40+ years of specialty program experience
  • Aligning interest with a carrier that values program business

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