Nevaeh Advantage

The Nevaeh Advantage

Increases in the cost of healthcare shape how we compete globally, and unfortunately, this is a battle American employers have been losing.

Our mission at Nevaeh is to provide solutions that impact cost, drive better outcomes, and engage employees to make better health care choices.

We have developed products in the following areas that deliver more efficient and effective healthcare solutions:

  • Fully Insured PBM Carveout
  • Stop-Loss
  • Accident & Supplemental Medical

These products have their own distinct advantages, but in tandem, provide a leveraging effect we call the Nevaeh Advantage.

These products/solutions are driven by Nevaeh & Markel Insurance and powered by the technical expertise of our partners:

Nevaeh is looking for Brokers/Consultants and Employers that want to leverage government tax deductions to the max, obtain better discounts and provide more innovative plan design options to mitigate increasing Healthcare cost for employers and employees.

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President & CEO

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