Our Story

In July of 2019, Nevaeh Insurance Solutions was formed. Our goal was simple. Develop a healthcare product platform that impacts cost, drives better outcomes, transfers risk, and engages employees to make better healthcare choices. The goal is simple, but it comes down to execution. Nevaeh has the infrastructure in place and is ready to deliver. We have developed a strategic collaboration with the Markel Insurance Company focusing on employer accident and health coverage. Markel Insurance Company is an A-rated* carrier and a member company of MarkelĀ®, one of the largest insurance providers in the U.S. Nevaeh product suite is built, and our MGU partners are in place.


Group Products

  • Fully Insured Outpatient, PBM Carve-out Plans
  • Employer Stop Loss Insurance
  • Supplemental Medical and Accident Insurance

Group Size

  • 500+
  • 25+
  • 10+


  • PRAM Insurance Services
  • Xchange Benefits
  • OptiMed Health

Why Nevaeh?

  • Nevaeh's experienced program partners brings efficiencies and nimbleness to our brokers and consultants.
  • Innovative product solutions ( Nevaeh Advantage ).
  • A-rated insurance paper.
  • Savings backed up by guaranteed pricing.
  • Healthy risk appetite.
  • Most of SIC Codes available for quotation.
  • Target is self funded employers.
  • Minimum group size 25 employee lives.
  • Education on product and sales strategies.

What's the secret sauce.

Nevaeh is re-painting the health care landscape by building innovative products coupled with best in breed administrators and underwriters. All products bring their own value: the secret sauce is rolling up all products together creating a leveraging effect that delivers better results to our customers. We fondly refer to this as the Nevaeh advantage.

Nevaeh products have distinct advantages, but working together provides a leveraging effect that we fondly call the Nevaeh advantage.
  • Employer Stop Loss Insurance

  • Supplemental Medical and Accident Insurance

  • Fully Insured Outpatient, PBM Carve-out Plans

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