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Employer Stop Loss Insurance

Founded in 2010. The Xchange Benefits is a diverse group of business units focused on the global insurance and reinsurance industry.

Led by a team who have industry leading experience, Xchange Benefits, underwrites, consults, creates products, creates retail distribution, structures risk. transacts reinsurance, advises on capital deployment and most importantly, listens to our clients.

Xchange Benefits delivers risk mitigation, budget stability and a peace of mind for employer groups.

Today's benefits’ environment is an ever changing one. Plans change, costs fluctuate, and the legislative landscape is uneven. With over 100 years of underwriting experience, Xchange Benefits delivers risk mitigation. budget stability and a peace of mind for employer groups. Today. these services are essential to maximizing, business strategy. attracting new talent, and delivering on promises to existing employees and members. Xchange Benefits brings these solutions to commercial groups as well as specializing in particular market segments that are not often understood by our competitors.

Our value proposition is a simple: unrivalled service and intelligent creative underwriting.

Supplemental Medical and Accident Insurance

Optimed is a nationally recognized TPA providing a variety of health care solutions. We specialize in supplemental coverages, e.g., GAP coverage which fills in the deductible portion of a major medical plan. GAP can be offered to most of all SIC codes down to 10 lives with an employer contribution ranging from 0 to 100 percent. Additionally, if your employer is looking for Accident only GAP coverage, we have a solution for you. Our plans are flexible and can meet your employers' and employees' unique demands. Contact us today so we can design a GAP solution that reduces your employer costs while increasing the major medical health plan value to employees.

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